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 Programa BEDA Amor de Dios Madrid

Aware of the need to broaden the knowledge of our students in English in order to achieve the demands of today’s society, our vision for the school is that students can see English as an essential tool for development, rather than how another subject. As external endorsement of our project, we prepare our students to sit for examinations at the University of Cambridge: Starters, Movers and Flyers in Primary and Ket and Pet in Secondary. These tests are internationally recognized and have a great reputation. They are held in June each year, and the school receives the results in September.

We believe that participation in these tests as well as FARM-CAMP (July-August) are very positive and motivating activities for our students and are an important part of our project. Many of our students attend in summer to FARM-CAMP. English immersion is total. They have great time speaking and understanding English, playing and promoting friendship

As everybody knows, our school belongs to the BEDA PROGRAMME. We want to increase the quality and quantity of English as English is part of our daily life, so one of the most important objective is to offer our students the benefits of a native English speaker to help promote English speaking. This course we will have native teachers too.

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